Group Members

You can find us on the Monash University Clayton campus on Level 1 of 15 Innovation Walk (you can find a campus map here).

Our mailing address for deliveries and visitors can be found here.

Group Leader

Prof Dr Harald Janovjak


As of January 2022 Harald is a Professor at Flinders University and this website will be updated soon!


Dr Sam Crossman

BSc Biochemistry, University of Sussex, UK

PhD Cell and Developmental Biology (Vincent Lab), The Francis Crick Institute, UK

PhD Students

Christina Gangemi

BA/BSc in Biochemistry and Theatre, Monash University, Australia

UROP Scholar, Biomedical Research Victoria, Australia

BSc (Honours) in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, Monash University, Australia

Alexandra-Madelaine Tichy

BSc Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, IMC FH Krems, Austria

MSc Molecular Biotechnology, FH Campus Vienna, Austria

Honours and Master’s Students

Jackson Feng

BSc Biotechnology and Biochemistry, University of Melbourne, Australia

Keith Naylor

BSc Neurophysiology and Biochemistry, Monash University, Australia

Yolana Kapsa

BBiomedSc, Monash University, Australia

Wang Lok So

BSc in Neuroscience, UNSW, Australia

BSc (Hons) Neuroscience, UNSW, Australia

The Janovjak Lab over the years

2019 – ARMI

2018 – ARMI

2014 – IST Austria

2013 – IST Austria