Group Members

You can find us:
– on the Monash University Clayton campus on the second floor of 15 Innovation Walk (LINK to campus map).
– or on the IST Austria campus on the first floor of the Bertalanffy Foundation Building (this is what the building looks like).

Our mailing address for deliveries and visitors can be found here.

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Group Leader
Harald Janovjak
[CV]  [Biosketch] ARMI / Monash University
Lab Manager
Mia De Seram ARMI / Monash University
Eva Gschaider-Reichhart ARMI / Monash University
PhD Students
Catherine McKenzie IST Austria
Stephanie Kainrath IST Austria
Alexandra-Madelaine Tichy ARMI / Monash University
Research Assistants
Christina Gangemi ARMI / Monash University