NEWS: “Deciphering dopamine function with new tools” at Dopamine 2016!

The symposium “Deciphering dopamine function with new tools: from molecule to synapse and behavior” that is organized by Xin Jin from the Salk Institute and Harald is coming up at Dopamine 2016!

Join us Wednesday, September 7, 2016, 10:30 – 12:10 at Dopamine 16 in Vienna! You can find the program of Dopamine 2016 and the symposium here (search the page for “deciphering dopamine function” to find the symposium).

NEWS: Thanks to everybody for a great EMBO Practical Course!

Yesterday saw the end of the first EMBO Practical Course on Optogenetics! I just wanted to briefly thank the other organizers, speakers and instructors and all participants for this wonderful experience! I also wanted to thank EMBO for selecting and funding our proposal, and to the entire local team Jackie, Diah and Yvonne for their help and for the awesome atmosphere they created. I wrote a course summary (this is my personal summary) and uploaded it here; it is called the “The Three Ms of a successful PhD in/using optogenetics”! I hope to see all of you soon again! Harald

NEWS: arrivederci! and grazie mille! to Maurizio

It is time to say goodbye to Maurizio who defended his thesis this week!

We (and the rest of the institute! and the sales representative of Promega! and all shareholders of Promega!) are truly sad to see your project end and see you move on!

We wish you all the best for your future!

arrivederci! and grazille mille! for many memories!

NEWS: Upcoming EMBO Course on Optogenetics

Together with Stefano de Renzis (EMBL) and Jared Toettcher (Princeton) we are organizing the EMBO Practical Course “Non-Neuronal Optogenetics: From Design to Application in Cell Signaling and Tissue Morphogenesis”!


Visit the course website at:

We have a truly amazing set of speakers/trainers and registration is now open!

Apply to join us at the end of May / early June in Heidelberg!