NEWS: First OptogeneticsAustralia Workshop in 2020!

The first OptogeneticsAustralia Hands-on Workshop has been announced for 13-14 February 2020, here at ARMI!

In addition to talk and poster sessions, the program also includes exciting practical workshops! For more information about the schedule or registration and abstract submission, head over to

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

NEWS: Welcome Zoe!

Zoe is joining the lab as part of the Undergrad Research Opportunities Program (UROP), and will be working with us over the course of the next 6 months.

Welcome Zoe, it is great to have you!

NEWS: Current Opinion on light-activated GPCRs

Our most recent Review Article about light-activated GPCRs (OptoXRs), published in Current Opinion in Structural Biology, is now available!

In it, we discuss current OptoXR approaches, applications and limitations, but also how new insights gained from GPCR structures can be used for the design of next-generation OptoXRs and what opportunities lie in the use of them.

Have look at the article here!

NEWS: Paper on optogenetic vector library – congratulations, Alex!

Alex was leading the project on engineering a vector library for the generation of modular light-controlled protein-protein interactions!

The paper detailing the vectors and cloning strategy is now published in the Journal of Molecular Biology – you can find the paper here.

If you are interested in any of the vectors, they will be made available on shortly (keep an eye on our Reagents page), or you can get in touch with us directly.

Congrats to Alex and the rest of the team – good work!

NEWS: Collaborative paper in eLife!

Our newest paper from a collaboration with Carl-Philipp Heisenberg’s lab (IST Austria), published in eLife, is now available (LINK)!

In this project, light-activated Frizzled7 was used to elucidate the role of non-canonical Wnt signalling in the migration of mesenchymal cells in the gastrulating zebrafish.

Congratulations to the whole team, especially to first author Daniel, and to Alex and Maurizio from our lab for their contributions to receptor design! Well done!

NEWS: Welcome, Sam!

With the beginning of the new year, Sam joined our lab as a post-doctoral fellow!

Sam completed his PhD in the lab of Jean-Paul Vincent at the Francis Crick Institute in London, UK. During his PhD, Sam studied the role of EGFR signalling in early Drosophila development. You can read about his research here. 

Welcome to the team, Sam, it’s great to have you!