NEWS: Exciting times for the group!

Exciting times for the Synthetic Physiology group!

As you may have already heard the group is moving to the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) and the EMBL Australia Partnership Laboratory (EMBL Australia) based at Monash University at the beginning of this year!

We are excited to join ARMI’s, Monash’s, Melbourne’s and Australia’s vibrant research landscape, and more information on our new home will follow soon.

Now is time to say “Goodbye” and “Thank you!”.

Harald: “First and foremost I would like to thank IST Austria’s president and vice president Tom and Michael for their leadership in the past years. Also, my group and I are indebted to the many facilities and administrative units of the institute that supported us in countless ways through thick and thin. Finally, I would like to thank my Assistant Professor colleagues; we all have taken the risk to start our independent careers at a new institute that we advanced and shaped while also developing truly excellent research programs”.

Off to new shores!