NEWS: Not just one but two new Methods papers published Methods in Molecular Biology!

Two of our newest papers have been published as part of the Photoswitching Proteins series and are available to read now!

The first paper, with our recent PhD graduate Steffi as first author, describes the design and application of light-regulated receptor tyrosine kinases and how the reengineering of these receptors can be used to generate signals with high spatial and temporal precision.

The paper can be accessed here.

The second paper, in collaboration with Viviana Agus from Axxam, presents prototypical cell-based drug screening assays using Channelrhodopsin2 (ChR2) to induce changes in membrane potential and test for voltage-gated ion channel blockade.

This article can be accessed here.

Congratulations to Steffi, Viviana and Harald – great work!