NEWS: Congratulations to Eva, PhD, our newest lab graduate!

This week, Eva defended her PhD thesis titled “Optical and Optogenetic Control of Cell Proliferation and Survival” with flying colors!

Eva joined the lab as a PhD student in 2014 and has been an integral part of the team ever since! It is safe to say that, without Eva, the lab would not be where it is today : Her contributions were essential to the major developments in this lab, but also Eva’s work ethic and personal attitude, as well as her ceaseless ability to “rise from the ashes”, have been inspiration to every member of the lab.

Congratulations Eva, from all of us. We expected nothing less from you, and wish you all the best for the next steps in your career!

(images copyright by Ulrike Seiss)

NEWS: Harald is featured in The Scientist!

In this October’s issue, The Scientist published a profile piece about Harald in its “Scientist to Watch” section.

Have a look at the article to find out about Harald’s early career steps, what lies ahead on his path and how old bicycles helped develop his skills as a Synthetic Physiologist!


NEWS: Meet us at international conferences soon!

Conference season is coming up and here is a first overview where you will be able to meet us in the coming months!

Alexandra will be presenting next month on light-based tissue regeneration at the FEBS Congress and the FEBS Young Scientist Forum in Jerusalem (LINK) sponsored by a travel grant! Eva will also be showing her tissue regeneration results in the pancreas at the EASD Annual Meeting in Lisbon in September (LINK). Catherine will be presenting her synthetic neurotransmission project at the SFN Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. in November (LINK).

Both Alexandra and Harald will be teaching at the upcoming EMBO Optogenetics Practical Course (LINK).

Harald will be chairing an optogenetics special interest subgroup session at the ASCB Annual Meeting in Philadelphia in December (LINK).

Finally, Harald will be giving invited lectures at The International Society for Neurochemistry Biennial Meeting in Paris already next month (LINK) and then at two Gordon Research Conferences as well as at Stanford and UC Davis early next year (click here for a list of Harald’s recent and upcoming talks).

Maybe we see you soon? It would be lovely to make new friends along the way!

UPDATE – Harald in action at the EMBO course:


NEWS: Welcome, Lucie!

Lucie is joining us for the summer months from the University of Cambridge!

Lucie was accepted to the competitive ISTernship program of IST Austria and the Austrian Academic Exchange Service.

You are our lab’s first ISTern! Welcome and all the best for your time here!

NEWS: Welcome back, Alexandra!

Alex successfully completed her Master thesis in our lab and was accepted to IST Austria’s PhD program.

After a year of rotations, she is now joining the lab as a PhD student!

It’s so great to have you back!

NEWS: ¡Adiós, Álvaro! You will be missed!

After four amazing years and many papers, the time has come to say Goodbye to Álvaro (sniff!)!

It was a pleasure to have you in the lab and to work alongside you!

You had a HUGE impact on the group as a whole and helped shape it to the way it is today.

We wish you all the best for your future and your next challenges!

¡Muchas gracias por todo!

Dear Álvaro, thank you for everything you have done for the lab! I think that four words are sufficient to describe the state of the lab without you: We are so screwed! It is indeed not clear to me how the lab (and I) will survive without you on all fronts (methods, general attitude, lab fun and -last but not least- fashion!)! Your new home is a lucky one! Harald

NEWS: Steph awarded Academy fellowship

Steph received a prestigious DOC fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences!

It is awesome that your ambitious project on light-activated ligand traps was selected for funding by the Academy, the Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy and their partnering institutions.

You can be very proud of this achievement! Keep up the good work! It’s great to have you on our team!

NEWS: Congrats to Steph!!!

Stephanie was leading the project on light-sensing with cobalamin-binding domains and our paper appeared today in Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed.!

This work was a fantastic collaboration with Manuela and Martin from the CCRI – congrats everyone!

You can find the paper here.